Advice for your tattoo appointment.

Here is just a little bit of information and advice for you that you may need before your tattoo appointment. This was written with my customers and appointments in mind – and some information is specific to that – but quite a bit of it is applicable to any tattoo appointment with any artist.

  • Please try and arrive on time or slightly (but not excessively) early. 
  • Please try and wear appropriate clothing. Something that leaves easy access to the area, ideally loose fitting and comfortable, and definitely something that you won’t be upset if it gets inky.
  • Please do not use any kind of numbing cream as it affects the skin and makes it really difficult to Tattoo. I promise that in my years of experience, nobody has an easier session for using it. On the contrary, everyone that uses it really struggles. The best thing that I can recommend for pain relief is any over-the-counter pain relief you get on with and can safely take such as paracetamol and ibuprofen or codeine (but not aspirin). 
  • If the area you are getting tattooed is hairy it is usually best if you can shave it before you come but ideally a day or two before your appointment. If it is an area that you are used to shaving, then it will probably be fine in the morning as you are less likely to get any kind of shaving rash.
  • I can’t tattoo sunburnt or peeling skin, please keep that in mind for the few weeks before your appointment. 
  • Please do not drink alcohol the night before your appointment, ideally 48 hours before.
  • I recommend that you keep caffeine to a minimum or if possible avoid it altogether on the day of your appointment. I cannot stress strongly enough that you should avoid any kind of stimulant or energy drink.
  • I recommend that you bring some food with you to eat, particularly for day sessions, but there are places within a few minutes walk if you want to pop and get something. We do have a fridge that you can store stuff in.
  • My preference is that customers come alone but I understand this is not always possible. You are welcome to bring one person with you but please be aware that they will not be able to sit right next to you and hold hands for example, and it can get quite boring on the sofa in the corner of the room. Moseley and Kings Heath are short walk away though with a few shops, parks, cafés and pubs etc.

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