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I love tattooing my own designs and you can see these by signing up to my mailing list here, or you can see them on my highlighted stories on my IG here. I do also take on custom tattoos, and if you would like something specific you can use this form. Please make sure you have read the FAQ first which explains what I like to do and how I work.

I try and reply to emails every day (except sunday), but sometimes I am super busy and it takes a couple of days. I never knowingly ignore requests though so if you don’t hear from me, feel free to chase me up.

    Make sure you get a “sent” message after submitting.

    I’d be grateful if you could tell me how you heard about me?

    Modern Body Art
    Laser tattoo removal

    (If you email about a tattoo, please include all the relevant information (every field on the contact form above) and include any relevant pics. I prefer them in the email body, rather than attached as PDFs, word docs, links etc.)