Advice for your tattoo appointment.

Ok, let’s assume you have got as far as finding your artist, sorting your design, paying a deposit and you have an appointment all booked and ready to go. What next? If you have never been tattooed before it can all be quite daunting and you may not know what to expect. Here is some advice for you, advice for getting your first tattoo.

  • Firstly, check your appointment time and date. You’d be amazed at how many people misremember and turn up at the wrong time, and even occasionally the wrong day. 
  • Definitely don’t drink the day of your tattoo, the day before and ideally a few days before. You will bleed more, which dilutes the ink, makes life difficult for the artist and will affect the final result. 
  • Turn up on time, or early (but not too early). Ideally 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. Being late is a bit rude and why would you be rude to someone who is about to mark your body for life? Obviously accidents happen so if you are late, then at least have the good grace to apologise. 
  • Make sure you eat before you come in, particularly breakfast. Low blood sugar invariably leads to light headedness which can lead to fainting. It can be a good idea to bring a snack or two and a drink or two. I definitely don’t recommend too much caffeine (or any at all really) and definitely not any energy drinks or other stimulants. You need to be relaxed, not hyped up. 
  • If you are worried about pain, the best thing is just over the counter medication like paracetamol and ibuprofen (but not aspirin). I can’t give medical advice to anyone, but personally I can take both together and achieve remarkably good results. 
  • You may want to bring headphones or a book. Some artists may prefer to chat, but it’s not always possible. I personally prefer to be able to talk to my customer but ultimately I want them to sit well and be happy, so if they need their own music, a film, a podcast or a book to get through it, I understand. 
  • Wear something that gives easy access to the place to be tattooed or be prepared to take your clothes off. No one can tattoo through clothing or while forcing clothes out of the way. Don’t wear anything that you will be upset if it gets inky. And make sure you and your clothes are clean. No one likes being in the proximity of someone else’s body odour.

I think that’s it. Try not to stress and enjoy the experience, it really isn’t that bad and it’s worth it in the end.