I am currently tattooing at my home private studio in Moseley, Birmingham.

My private home studio.

The address is:

19 School road



B13 9ET

(Please note it is just “19”, there is also a 19a, b and c, ignore them)

If you are driving you can probably park on my drive. If there is no car on there, or a car (black Honda) pulled out of the way then feel free to park on it. Failing that, you will be able to park for free outside the house or nearby. Obviously please don’t block any neighbour’s drives.

If you wish to catch public transport you can get on the 50 bus from the city centre which starts from Moor Street behind the Selfridge’s building. You can pay with a card when you get on, and it takes around 15 minutes to Moseley village bus stop and then it is about a further eight minutes walk.

If you are local and travelling within Birmingham you can always get the number 1 bus which stops at the end of School Road, or the 11 which will be a 10 to 15-minute walk from Kings Heath.