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What immortal hand or eye…

I have had a bad luck run of getting decent photos this week but I have two pieces to show.

I finished this a while ago but had to wait for a healed photo;

I did another session on this piece;

In other news, I should have a new video ready in a week or two, I just wanna get a healed photo of the piece first. If you haven’t seen my last one, here it is;

Also, I will be working the North Lakes convention in April and I still have some space available, so get in touch if you wanna get something done.

Bonfire Night

I haven’t really had time to do any drawing this weekend because it has been Bonfire night. I have a suspicion that the true meaning has been lost on most people, but ever the traditionalist, I have been celebrating by torturing Catholics and burning effigies of the Pope. I did manage to do some tattooing this week though.

Started this;

Finished this:

I was gonna touch this up but it ¬†wasn’t quite healed enough in places so I took this pic for a sneak preview;

I also got a new app for my phone and took this panoramic photo of the shops reception. It makes the shop look really long but gives a better impression of it than most photos. Our receptionist Chris also has a rare cameo in this photo (he is very publicity shy).