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All cats are grey.

It is Liverpool tattoo convention this weekend and I am lucky to be all booked up, but as usual I will have some prints for sale and also some of these bags. Only a fiver!

Skull tote bag

I have nothing confirmed yet but I am trying to sort out a regular guest spot in London. If you are based there, or near there, and would like a tattoo from me, then please get in touch. Emailing the shop is probably best;

It usually takes me months to update this blog but I have been very fortunate lately to have some customers asking for interesting stuff and giving me a lot of artistic freedom. As a consequence I have a load of new photos to post already, I hope you like them.


justine-skull-forrest justine-both-arms
kathryn-butterfly kingfisher

laur-butterfly-close lizzzie-peacock-healed stags-fighting Swallow-and-rose wolf-lady-head-leg






Total tattoo

I am very honoured to have an interview in the new Total Tattoo magazine. I get my name in pink letters on the cover and there is even a photo of me inside, you can see the joy on my face. Total Tattoo is so good at printing tattoo photographs without messing up the colours or the contrast (a lot of magazines don’t come close) and I am happy to say they nailed it with my article.

For various reasons I am actually the quietest I have been for a while in the shop, so if you want a big piece starting without the usual wait or trouble getting appointments, now is the time. Just contact the shop; or 0121 236 0753

Next year I am planning on working some conventions again and hopefully a guest spot or two, preferably in Europe somewhere. If you run a convention, would like me in your shop or just want some work from me then get in touch.

I have joined instagram, my user name is matthuntmba. I resisted for a while but it seems to have become the standard way for tattooists to get their work into the public domain, more so now than Facebook or Twitter. Please don’t be offended if I don’t follow you back, I rarely even look at the news feed as I find it pretty dull.

I am going to be a part of an art exhibition around Halloween in Birmingham, more details when I have them. All of my latest paintings will be there, possible some for sale for the first time. Definitely some high quality prints though.

Here are some long over due pics;

I have had a love affair with the Misfits that has lasted over 20 years so this tattoo was a special one to do;

This painting is of my colleague Rachel Baldwin. I am sure you will know her work but if not then go and find out;

This painting was a commission for my friend Dawnii from Painted Lady Tattoo. It is of her sister and husband on their wedding day;

I should be at the London convention on the Sunday, see you there!