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By accident rather than design, this blog entry is black and grey only.

I did this little one shot piece on a wrist:

I am trying to remember how long this took me but to no avail, maybe 3 or 4 sessions:

I had seen a few drawings done in ballpoint pen recently and really been impressed at the look that can be achieved, so I thought I would give it a go. Turns out I quite enjoyed it but it is bloody slow going. In some ways it is similar to tattooing; you can put a line in and then shade over it and know it is not going to go anywhere. Both of these pieces are pretty small, about A5 in size but took me at least 4 hours each:

I have a few new paintings nearly finished and a couple of big tattoos just waiting to be photographed so the next blog should be along quite soon.

Standing there in your raven hair

Here are a couple of pieces I finished recently.

I like the fact that the 3 skulls in this sleeve are pretty subtle, maybe more so in reality than the photo;

Rib tattoos can be hard to do, especially if the customer doesn’t sit well. Luckily this wasn’t one of those;

Time for another musical interlude. I fucking love this band;