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Sheets of empty canvas, or not.

Recently I have decided to forsake a social life in order to paint and as a result have finished a few paintings in quick succession.

Here they are all together, to get a sense of scale the little skull top left is A4 size;

I am hoping to add some paintings for sale to the “shop” tab of this blog soon, I will obviously pimp it out when I do.

Here’s hoping you’re swell

I was at the London tattoo convention last weekend, just hanging out and catching up with people. It was nice but it definitely seemed quieter this year. I wonder if conventions are a bit pass√© now, or too expensive (¬£30 for one day!), or was it that some big names were absent or just one of those things? I am certainly a little bored and jaded of the convention scene, it seems to turn tattooing into a popularity contest; not something I wanna be a part of really. Anyway…

I have posted a pic of this piece when it was first finished as a half sleeve, it got extended down slightly and I finally got a healed photo;

hannya tattoo

I finished this koi sleeve a few weeks ago and grabbed this photo before the touch up session. Ideally a photo after the touch up is best but you don’t always get a chance so I get one when I can;

koi tattoo sleeve

This is a lower back piece, two sessions, maybe 4 hours in total;

peony butterfly tattoo

I have been painting quite a lot recently so hopefully by my next blog I will have some things finished.