Rock and Roll

Time for a new blog, slightly over due because of the time off work at the London convention etc.

Firstly, here is a tattoo on my friend and colleague, Tom Devine. Not sure how long this took but we seemed to get it done pretty quick. The skull normally has a bit of a toupee/devilock but we shaved it off for your viewing pleasure;

Here are a couple of pieces in progress, one of which I posted after the first session and we did session two today (6 hours so far).

Last but not least, yesterday I went to London and did this little tattoo on my friend Frank Turner for his new video. It was an interesting day; a lot of hanging about, about 50 playbacks of the song and then tattooing in perhaps the hardest conditions ever. Lettering is technically hard anyway but in bad lighting and with about 30 people standing around you it was really fucking hard! I don’t tend to get too nervous which is a good job, it was way more intense than people watching at a convention.

If you aren’t aware of Frank’s music then here is the song that got me into him and still one of my favourites;

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