Listen to the silence let it ring on…

I don’t update this blog too often as all my pictures are elsewhere online and it seems slightly redundant in this Instagram age. I may as well make use of it and make some requests though…

– I wanna do some bigger tattoos again; sleeves, chest pieces etc. Maybe unusual subject matter or ambitious and different ideas (I have ideas for, amongst other things; a sleeve or 1/2 sleeve of watercolour/abstract jellyfish, a hand, a nude female with a skull head). Obviously continuing in the style of the work on here or my Instagram etc. Get in touch with any ideas you might have, let’s do something interesting!

– I would like to tattoo in Europe later this year, guest spots or conventions. If you are based in Europe and want work from me, know a good convention, own a studio and would like me to guest, or any thing else that might help, then get in touch and I can start planning.

– I am working the Liverpool convention in May and I may have space for one more cool tattoo. I will also be selling some prints and tote bags etc.

-The easiest way to get in touch with me is through the shop email:

-The easiest way to keep up to date with the work I am doing is Instagram, click here.

Finally, here are some pics:

six-skulls skull-inner-arm-squares skull-foot-luke

Skull-tree Butterfly-lyn bluebird-on-ribs linnet-bird Sarah-wildflower-leg Raven-suzie Ian-curtis Marlon Skull-in-circle-2013 eye-in-dots Skull-in-hexagon wizzard


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