I wonder to myself, could life ever be sane again?

It has been a very interesting week here in Birmingham, luckily Modern Body Art survived the riots intact. It didn’t affect us at all really, we stayed open just the same hours and got on with tattooing. I have plenty of opinions of what went on but I am sure nobody comes here for my political rhetoric.

I worked Tattoo Jam and probably enjoyed it and found it more inspiring than I thought I would. I am not planning any conventions next year but maybe the year after I will do some again.

I really enjoyed doing this piece on my friend, she was a trooper at the end too, it had started to get really sore;

This piece is a little different to what I normally do, although I did try to make it slightly gloomy, not all cute and girly;

Ginger bread man tattoo

Here is a healed photo of another lasered cover up;

skull lotus tattoo cover up

Here is an old tattoo, I did that I never got a photo of. I am now working on a new piece on the same customer so I grabbed this shot;

buddha tattoo

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