Where do I tattoo?

I mostly tattoo out of my shop, Modern Body Art in Birmingham UK but also the occasional convention and guest spot. Check my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more up to date info on this kind of thing.

If you have a studio you’d like me to visit, run a convention or even just want a tattoo and you live in a far off land, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

What do I tattoo?

I used to have a big section here about what I did and didn’t like to tattoo, but it’s as simple as this;

I like to tattoo interesting stuff where I can have a lot of artistic input and work within my own style. I am not exactly sure what that is; mostly graphic inspired tattoos. You can check out my pics and see what my work tends to look like.

I don’t work from pictures of existing artwork or tattoos and the only information I need is a couple of key words on the subject matter and the placement. If your ideas are more definite than that, or you have another tattoo picture that you have fallen in love with, I am probably not gonna be the artist for you. You are more than welcome to send me a couple of my tattoos that I have done that you particularly like, but please don’t expect a close copy of them. Please don’t send me other artist’s tattoos. Frankly it is a little rude.

I will add that I am always more interested in new subject matter and new interesting ideas, rather than repeating variations of previous tattoos, but the style will always match to my existing work.

For further info you can read this “guide to getting a good tattoo” from the MBA website. I can’t recommend it highly enough, after all, I wrote it.

How booked are you?

I don’t book more than 3 months in advance. For example, on January 1st I would open up March for appointments, then February 1st, I open up April etc etc. This seems to work ok and I usually have enough spaces for people to get in with me.

What is your hourly rate?

It is currently £85/hour for larger work and I try and do smaller pieces (that can be done in one session) at a fixed price

How do I book in?

Please email the shop and they will help you out: info@modernbodyart.co.uk

How do I go about getting something designed?

I only draw designs for people once they have booked in with a deposit. The deposit is £20 per hour of the appointment you book (i.e. a 3 hour appointment would be a £60 deposit). Please note, I don’t send designs out via email, you do have to come into the shop to view, usually a week  before your appointment. You can cancel or change an appointment but you need to give us at least 72 hours notice or you will lose the deposit.