Where do I tattoo?

I mostly tattoo out of my shop, Modern Body Art in Birmingham UK but also the occasional convention and guest spot. Check my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more up to date info on this kind of thing.

If you have a studio or convention you’d like me to visit, or even just want a tattoo and you live in a far off land, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Will you do this tattoo for me?

I am in the very fortunate position that I don’t have to take on every tattoo request I get, so the criteria I decide on is primarily that it will be a stress free experience, artistically interesting, fits in with my existing style and will make a good tattoo over the short and long term.
If you would like a tattoo from me then you can use the contact form on this website or email info@modernbodyart.co.uk. We never knowingly ignore an email, so if you don’t hear from us, please resend it.
If I don’t feel I can do your tattoo for you, please don’t be offended, it is nothing personal or arrogance on my part, it is just my personal stress level plummets when I know when to say no.

I LOVE to tattoo any thing organic/natural; birds, animals, flowers, skulls, faces or figures. I will work from tiny up to larger scale stuff (sleeves, back pieces etc), and I don’t mind black and grey or colour. Things that don’t work so well for me and my style are non-natural/man-made things such as pocket watches, headphones, turntables, compasses, architecture etc.

For further info you can read this FAQ from the MBA website which includes lots of information about how to get a good tattoo. I can’t recommend it highly enough, after all, I wrote it.

How booked are you?

I don’t book more than 3 months in advance. For example, on January 1st I would open up March for appointments, then February 1st, I open up April etc etc. This seems to work ok and I usually have enough spaces for people to get in with me.

How much do you charge?

Pieces that can be done in one session I try and give a fixed price, or a range of prices (minimum to maximum). My day session price is £425. Just to note, I do work quite quick compared to most tattooists so be aware, not all day session or hourly rates are created equally.

How do I book in?

Please email the shop and they will help you out: info@modernbodyart.co.uk

How do I go about getting something designed?

I only draw designs for people once they have booked in with a deposit. The deposit is £20 per hour of the appointment you book (i.e. a 3 hour appointment would be a £60 deposit). Please note, if you want to view a design before your appointment, I don’t send designs out via email, via social media or do anything on FaceTime etc, you do have to come into the shop, usually a week before your appointment.  Coronavirus update! I will currently send out a simplified, line version/stencil of a design. It should be enough to see what is going on and the composition, but it won’t be a full colour render of a design. (Unfortunately people have in the past had designs done, we give them a copy and then they take them elsewhere to shop around on price.)
You can cancel or change an appointment but you need to give us at least 72 hours notice or you will lose the deposit.

What can I expect at my appointment?

I try and be as professional as possible for you and give you a nice experience. I do my best to run on time, the design will be ready at the date you are given. I don’t have breaks all the time, I don’t sit with headphones in ignoring you like you are an inconvenience to me, or spend half the day on my phone.
All my needles are single use cartridges, everything is wrapped and protected and I follow the best cross contamination practices to give you a safe experience.
If you are booked for a day session I do take a lunch break – so you can bring some food for yourself or pop and get some – but any time that takes is knocked off what you are charged.