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Guest spotting.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working the legendary Into You in London, actually the first time I have tattooed in any studio other than Modern Body Art. I am currently planning another trip down there in a month or two so if you want tattooing by me, and you’re located more in the south of the country, then get in touch.┬áThe pics from Into You will be in the next update, but in the meantime I have a load of others that seem to have slipped the blogging net so I thought I would get those up whilst I think about it.

I have quite a few designs I’d love to tattoo right now including some bigger pieces. Anybody local to Birmingham is welcome to pop in the shop and I can show you what I have. In addition to future London guest spots, I am always interesting in doing more, so if you own a shop, want work from me in a distant location or can help in any way then please get in touch ( Cheers!

Sid-vicious skull-and-roses-in-blue skull-clocks skull-fig-13 sunglasses-man The-skull-is-natures-sculpture rose-under-arm robin moth-on-ribs eagle-on-leg blue-tit

All cats are grey.

It is Liverpool tattoo convention this weekend and I am lucky to be all booked up, but as usual I will have some prints for sale and also some of these bags. Only a fiver!

Skull tote bag

I have nothing confirmed yet but I am trying to sort out a regular guest spot in London. If you are based there, or near there, and would like a tattoo from me, then please get in touch. Emailing the shop is probably best;

It usually takes me months to update this blog but I have been very fortunate lately to have some customers asking for interesting stuff and giving me a lot of artistic freedom. As a consequence I have a load of new photos to post already, I hope you like them.


justine-skull-forrest justine-both-arms
kathryn-butterfly kingfisher

laur-butterfly-close lizzzie-peacock-healed stags-fighting Swallow-and-rose wolf-lady-head-leg