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Here’s hoping you’re swell

I was at the London tattoo convention last weekend, just hanging out and catching up with people. It was nice but it definitely seemed quieter this year. I wonder if conventions are a bit pass√© now, or too expensive (¬£30 for one day!), or was it that some big names were absent or just one of those things? I am certainly a little bored and jaded of the convention scene, it seems to turn tattooing into a popularity contest; not something I wanna be a part of really. Anyway…

I have posted a pic of this piece when it was first finished as a half sleeve, it got extended down slightly and I finally got a healed photo;

hannya tattoo

I finished this koi sleeve a few weeks ago and grabbed this photo before the touch up session. Ideally a photo after the touch up is best but you don’t always get a chance so I get one when I can;

koi tattoo sleeve

This is a lower back piece, two sessions, maybe 4 hours in total;

peony butterfly tattoo

I have been painting quite a lot recently so hopefully by my next blog I will have some things finished.

You know you’re a cute little heartbreaker..

Here is another tattoo that is covering up something that was lasered. You can see the progress pics, if you are interested, here. This design was pretty close to a sketch that the customer brought to me, not something I usually do but it was such a nice sketch there really weren’t any significant changes to make;

I got this piece finished a few weeks ago and grabbed this photo before we touched up a couple of little bits;

Here is a section of a sleeve in progress, 2nd session;

It is Tattoo Jam in just over a week which will be my last convention for the foreseeable future. I may write something about why I have decide to stop doing them, or I might not. I am not sure anyone comes here for an essay, it’s all about the pictures really.