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Don’t get mentally irregular.

It has been a while since I updated this so I thought I would stick up some of the pictures I have been posting on my Facebook recently, for those that may have missed them.

I am not a massive film fan, but Rocky is my favourite film of all time, hands down. It was a massive part of my childhood and I still love it today. The first one in particular is such a great underrated film, if you have never seen it, maybe dismissed it or even not watched it for a while, you are missing out.

This is on my colleague and great tattooist (obviously) Ricardo Pedro.

This is a painting of my friends child whilst he had chicken pox.


I haven’t completely abandoned this blog and here is a painting I finished a little while ago to prove it. I haven’t measured it but I am guessing it is about 1 x 1.5m.

I have been working very hard lately on some new designs and new ideas to try and push my work in some new directions. I have been finishing tattoos, including some of the new ideas, but I want to wait and post a few at once. I think sometimes work has a better impact when you can see it is part of a collection, or of a period of time.