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New big cartel page!

I have set up a new big cartel page to sell some originals and  possible, in the future, some prints. If you check out my instagram you will see I have been painting a little more this year, so I hope to have a few more up on the page in due course. Any that are for sale on there, can also be bought from me directly at my tattoo shop, Modern Body Art in Birmingham. I never really used to sell my original paintings, for various reasons, but that is changing.

Matt hunt skull painting

Don’t get mentally irregular.

It has been a while since I updated this so I thought I would stick up some of the pictures I have been posting on my Facebook recently, for those that may have missed them.

I am not a massive film fan, but Rocky is my favourite film of all time, hands down. It was a massive part of my childhood and I still love it today. The first one in particular is such a great underrated film, if you have never seen it, maybe dismissed it or even not watched it for a while, you are missing out.

This is on my colleague and great tattooist (obviously) Ricardo Pedro.

This is a painting of my friends child whilst he had chicken pox.